The creation of a digital experience for the Formula 1 race in Austria and the beautiful region Spielberg was the main goal for this project.

The planning included a responsive state of the art website and an iOS App that aligned with the brand guidelines and merged with the typical hand-drawn illustrations of “Projekt Spielberg”.

App Navigation

Option 1

Layered structure – tap and swipe interaction.
Both navigation levels are accessible at any time.

Option 2

Vertical structure – tap interaction, displayed via collapse animation.
Clear division between topics.

Option 3

Vertical tab structure – tap interaction.
Structured like a register for a good overview.

Mobile Application

The Spielberg App was designed to be an on-site information hub for racing fans and tourists with reduced content and selected insights. All other information was available on the website which was optimised for mobile usage.

Subtle interactions that revealed additional features were perfectly placed to keep the app exciting and guaranteed an incredible user experience.

UI & Interactions

iOS App

Concept and Workflow

The entire digital project was developed within a modular system which was flexible and able to seamlessly evolve and grow.

Resting on a discussed information architecture, we developed guidelines for the overall digital appearance based on colours, shapes, images and graphics which definitely hit racing fans’ taste.

Because of a static waterfall workflow every production step had to be outlined with simple scribbled wireframes, prototypes or final design previews.

Structure & Interactions


Navigation Concept

To ensure a consistent user experience a visual approach was taken for the sub navigation of "Projekt Spielberg".

The illustrations acted as an introduction for the content and guide the user through the website. Off-canvas features like the search bar or local weather information encourage the exploration experience even further.

UI Design


Project Image: ©Jake Archibald and slightly adapted

Client: RedBull

Agency: LOOP New Media