Windhager, one of the leading boiler manufacturers world wide, entered the mobile market for heating-control applications with their product myComfort.

An easy-to-use app that enables people to have full control of their heating system at any time and everywhere.

UI & Interactions

iOS App

Intuitive Handling

The heating process can be regulated with intuitive touch gestures like drag, swipe or slide which are consistently used throughout the app to keep the learning curve of the potential target audience low and to avoid frustration.

In addition to the myComfort app, users will be able to check the status of their system on an online platform. This service makes real time communication between user, heating system and service team possible.

Online Platform & Service Backend

The service backend which contained the set-up process of the heating system was a very challenging assignment.

After structuring the various interaction options with user journeys, the technical part had to be added which required a close collaboration with the development team. These steps were followed by wireframes which built the groundwork for discussions and prototypes.

Beautiful interactions and animations garnish the product page that introduces the app to potential new customers and gives detailed information about the features and needed setup.

UI & Interactions

Product Page

Client: Windhager

Agency: LOOP New Media